Campaign details

Agency: TBWA\Sydney

Executive Summary

Looking good is a struggle when you live in one of the hottest countries in the world, with many men sacrificing style to stay comfortable.

MJ Bale had developed a range of ‘Cool Wool’ suits that keep you cool even in the harsh summer heat. Our job was to convince Aussie men about the benefits of these new wool suits when 82% of them think that wool is a winter fabric.

‘The Coolest Suit on the Planet’ campaign delivered a 78% increase in suit sales, 54% increase in foot traffic and generated incremental gross profit for the brand, delivering an ROI of 1:4.4 or +344%.

Total Campaign Expenditure

What was the strategic communications challenge?

Wool has an image problem

MJ Bale conducted quantitative research in early 2017 amongst 1,000 Australian men. The results showed us that 82% of them think that wool is a winter fabric, designed to keep you warm. With 62% complete rejecters of wool as a summer fabric. It also told us that 94% find it difficult to look good in summer and 61% of Aussie men are worried about wearing a suit during the summer months.