Design consultancy: Elmwood
Advertiser: Mars

Executive Summary

The market for shareable chocolate at Easter is huge with over £47m of small sharing chocolate purchased in 2015.** But the Easter small sharing market is one that's been dominated by Cadbury Mini Eggs. In 2015 the 90g share bag alone accounted for over 46% of the total market.** Galaxy wanted a share of the market and had high hopes that its rival concept, Golden Eggs, would give Cadbury a run for its money.

To do that Galaxy needed to bring new excitement to mini eggs to promote switching from Cadbury and bring new consumers to the category. They did this through a new take on the mini egg, with 'Golden Eggs', miniature Galaxy eggs dusted in edible gold – perfect for sharing as they didn't have any fiddly foil.

To bring the product excitement to life, Golden Eggs needed a visual identity that would tell the product difference and cut through emotionally and rationally, and appeal to consumers of all ages – consumers who had been loyal to Cadbury Mini Eggs for decades and pre-programmed to purchase Cadbury through years of intense above-the-line support.