Design consultancy: Design Bridge
Advertiser: Unilever

Executive Summary


Lipton is the number 1 tea player in the world with €3 billion retail sales value. In the USA, awareness and penetration of the brand are not an issue with top of mind scores outperforming all other tea brands.

However, in 2016 Lipton Green Tea sales were down 10.8% – the segment was struggling. As a large and undifferentiated brand, Lipton had lost its number 1 position in green tea to Bigelow. There was a clear need to improve relevance to consumers in a category where the trigger is health and the barrier is taste.


The brand ambition was to launch a range of green teas in the US, boosted with matcha, a finely ground tea. Matcha has been a growing tea trend in the health and wellness space, but has remained niche and premium.

The brief to Design Bridge was to create a design, which democratised matcha tea; to simplify its Japanese mystique and make its powerful properties easier to understand.