Design consultancy: Brandhouse
Advertiser: Maxxium España

Executive Summary

How a design strategy with 'Mediterranean Spirit' took Spain's Larios Gin brand from a decade of decline to over two years of double-digit growth.

By the end of 2013 times were tough for Larios, Spain's number one gin brand. The Spanish drinks market was changing: it had become increasingly crowded, competitive and driven by novelty. Traditional, established brands were being left behind. After more than a century of success, drinkers were falling out of love with Larios, the gin that had always been a part of their lives, de toda la vida. Sales were falling, market share was slipping, brand equity was being eroded and profitability was plummeting. In the space of ten years, Larios lost 45% of its sales volume and 42% of its sales value. Two attempts to rectify the situation failed.

Then new research uncovered a fundamental brand insight: the emotional power of Larios's unique Mediterranean heritage and ingredients. This insight led to a radical brand redesign strategy that can be summed up in two words: Mediterranean Spirit.