Campaign details

Agency: Gruppo Roncaglia
Country: Italy


Mercedes-Benz has a huge focus on Innovation: constantly investing in research and adopting cutting-edge tech solutions to meet the needs of its target and increase security. Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC tech fits within this picture: the most advanced 4 Wheel Drive system on the market, able to adapt automatically in every condition, on the road or through any weather, always granting the best performances. The brief asked to position Mercedes-Benz 4WD system as the top-notch technology, built around customer needs, able to react to different situations in unique ways. In order to communicate this level of innovation we put the users at the center of the experience, engaging them in their own context, in an exclusive and personal way.

National context of the campaign

Gianrico Carofiglio, popular Italian writer, was not only the endorser of the activity, but the true main actor: he wrote the novel which was at the core of the experience: a story about a travel, fitting the automotive context of the project. He was also the protagonist of the video used for the digital campaign and YouTube masthead, and the launch of his new book right in December 2016 gave him further visibility in the same time frame of the initiative. The author was also the perfect choice to meet target audience tastes: a novelist well regarded by high-culture, high spending target.