Campaign details

Agency: MRM//McCann and McCann London

Microsoft wanted to drive awareness and sales of Xbox Design Lab, an e-commerce store where players can customise controllers.


The novelty of customising a controller wasn't enough to boost engagement and sales; Microsoft needed to tap into gamers' pride in their designs. By leveraging the moment of creation, a reciprocal relationship could be built.

The trick was to tap into gamers' sense of community and competition, unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit while celebrating and rewarding the creativity of their designs.

This was no longer about just creating the controller the individual gamer wanted. It was about delivering a way to create a controller the whole gaming world would want. The resulting platform offered people a compelling incentive to interact, create and even sell to their growing networks.


Microsoft, MRM//McCann and McCann London reimagined the shopping journey. Gamers could customise their controller and claim ownership of it. A newly built e-commerce platform allowed others to buy designs, with commission paid to the designer - changing the traditional buyer-seller dynamic.