Campaign details

Agency: Elvis

Creme Eggs are only on sale until Easter, and speedy sales are the order of the day.

The brief was to drive reach and engagement in order to power these sales through platforming the mental availability that contributes to the ultimate goal: brand growth.


With Creme Eggs only on sale, fans were given something they least expected: The chance to get their hands on a limited run of white chocolate Creme Eggs.

They were hidden in stores up and down the country, and the media, consumers and influencers got stuck into a "Willy-Wonka style hunt".

As the first lucky winners to find a White Creme Egg made the news, this was the perfect moment to announce Creme Egg Camp, an experience that gave the public another chance to find a coveted White Creme Egg.

White Creme Egg was the perfect hook for a fully immersive environment where people could go hunting for delicious chocolate eggs and experience the tasty core product, at its best.