Agency: Dentsu Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

When Mountain Dew launched its "Neon" campaign back in 2015, its successful launch rocketed its sales to its highest level ever, and that level has maintained ever since. To beat the odds of a declining category, the need to sustain volume and sales was more crucial. Mountain Dew, with the mantra "Do the Dew", needed to ride against the wave of a declining Category

By the end of March 2016, the competitive CSD (carbonated soft drink) category was in total on a decline. The only brands that were growing in the Category were Fanta and Mountain Dew, with a registered growth of 41% and 6% respectively (Source: Nielsen Retail Audit), collectively cushioning the entire declining category. In this challenging environment, growing volume and gaining market share is an uphill battle. Many Malaysians were also moving to healthier beverage options, consuming CSD only for seasonal periods and value-for-money.