Campaign details

Brand: Mr. Clean
Advertiser: Procter & Gamble
Lead agency: Leo Burnett Toronto

Effie awards category context

To reverse years of decline on the aging Mr. Clean brand, we researched the brand's past successes and intersected them with today's household cleaning dynamics. This uncovered the insight, "there's nothing sexier than a man who cleans", inspiring the idea "Mr. Clean is the cleaner of your dreams". Despite being in a highly commoditized category and having a premium price tag, the campaign drove sales for Mr. Clean Liquid Cleaners and Magic Eraser up 3% and 5% respectively – representing a significant lift across 82% of the brand's overall portfolio.

State of the marketplace and brand's business

Mr. Clean invented the household cleaner as we know it today: liquid products that clean any room of the house and Erasers that remove impossible dirt like magic. But at nearly 60 years old, advertising's most iconic character was starting to show his age, losing ownership of any cleaning category or product equities. Previous Mr. Clean campaigns put the iconic Mr. Clean character in the front and center of all communications. And while character associations helped to maintain high top-of-mind awareness, the brand's equity became more about the character's life, and lacked a compelling emotional and functional difference. And as a result, the business had been in decline for years.