Opening the door for breast self-examination for women living in rural India

Even though there have been efforts to improve breast cancer awareness in India, they have largely ignored a sizeable section of society: women living in rural India. Seeing the lack of doctors in these areas and the lack of understanding amongst these women, Narayana Health realized that the key to improving the scenario of breast cancer would be demonstrating breast self-examination to them.

However, the conservative reality of rural India meant that any campaign about delicate matters like breasts is faced with blind eyes and deaf ears. Women were always accompanied by men even on doctor visits. Social taboos were coming in the way of necessary, life-saving education.

Instead of trying to fight these taboos, we decided to side-step them entirely. Using the ladies' washroom in clinics as a private space, and the innocuous door-knob as a demonstration device, we created the Door Blouse. A simple sticker that showed women how to check themselves for breast cancer, through the act of opening the door.