Campaign details

Agency: john st
Advertiser: Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Category: Cause

Section I — Case Parameters

Business Results Period (Consecutive Months): June 2016 – October 2016
Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: June 2016
Base Period as a Benchmark: New effort – benchmark is from start date
Geographic Area: Ontario
Budget for this effort: $3 – $4 million

Section IA — Case Overview

Why should this case win in the category (ies) you have entered?

Ontario has a distracted driving problem. Stories of collisions and death appear constantly on the news and many of us have had a near-miss with a driver who was staring at their phone. The stigma of driving intoxicated has been well-established after years of public messaging, but Ontarians, especially young Ontarians, still drive today while using their phone with regularity. It's a great public danger not just for drivers, but for all of those who share the roads.