Design consultancy: Pearlfisher
Advertiser: General Mills

Executive Summary

The yogurt category is one of the most competitive and dynamic aisles in U.S. grocery stores. Over the past ten years, Yoplait's core, traditional yogurt business was not keeping pace with category growth rates. In addition, Yoplait's position, as the 4th player in the market, was increasingly being challenged by other manufacturers in the Greek yogurt segment.

General Mills challenged Pearlfisher to modernize its yogurt portfolio, reinvigorate the Yoplait brand in an attempt to re-engage key consumers and create an entirely new segment for the category.

Yoplait recognized an opportunity to better serve consumers' rapidly changing needs by tapping into the shift from calorie-restricted diets to mindful eating in the U.S. To do this, General Mills highlighted Yoplait's authentic connection with France as a product that is designed through the lens of French food values (e.g. thoughtful, considered, delightful and special).