Campaign details

Agency: TLC Marketing
Country: United Kingdom


Pallas Foods are a leading foodservice provider in Ireland. They have 9,000 customers and boast a product range of over 14,500 products. Customers include pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels and retail outlets.

The foodservice industry is characterised by competition at national, regional and local level. Research conducted by Pallas Foods identified that foodservice customers have an average of seven suppliers into their business.

Operating in a price sensitive market, sales representatives often found customer conversations steering to price. Competitors were also rewarding customers with promotional items for seasonal and bulk purchases. These one off promotions resulted in customers switching their purchases from Pallas Foods to a competitor to gain the reward.

There was no room in the Pallas Foods business model for discounting, so a strong loyalty offering was introduced with the aim of retaining customers and making them feel rewarded for their loyalty while encouraging them to purchase more from Pallas Foods as opposed to other food suppliers.

National Context of the Campaign