Design consultancy: Bulletproof
Advertiser: PizzaExpress

Executive Summary

PizzaExpress is an iconic brand, loved by many for its dining experience and great tasting pizza that never disappoints.

However despite its large consumer base of over 10 million (7 million in restaurants and 3 million in retail), only 15% of PizzaExpress consumers shop the brand across both restaurant and retail channels. Recognising the significant opportunity to start behaving like a single brand to grow consumption across both channels, PizzaExpress appointed Bulletproof to rethink the packaging design across the 'At Home' retail range.

Bulletproof jumped into action, delivering a visual and verbal packaging identity for the PizzaExpress retail offering that communicates a single restaurant brand proposition, reflects the brand positioning of 'Sharing true passions since 1965' and leverages the distinct brand personality and heritage to get more people eating PizzaExpress products at home.