Advertiser: Henkel
Brand: Pril
Country: United Arab Emirates


  1. Perceptual: Pril = "One Drop". Taking back our claim will prove to the Hybrid Homemakers what matters most to them; the power of the solution.
    • Brand Tracker – Association with "One Drop" (+20%):
  2. Business: Increase Share of Sink: Squeezing it out of Fairy's bottle.
    • Net Sales Growth (+20%)
    • Market Share (+1%)

Creative work

A big solution in a tiny package

To truly get them to believe the claim, we had to leave no room for doubt. This is why is was critical that this campaign was different to the sterile fake lab clichéd ads people were used to, the ones they see on TV and have doubts about. So, we asked ourselves: what would one drop look like, literally? That's when we set out to create actual one-drop sized bottles. The crafting process took over 6 months; a mould was created after 20 hours of meticulous labor, following the exact design and shape of the real size bottle. 10,000 squeezable bottles were produced and one drop Pril liquid was injected into each of them, one by one. A mini size label replica was designed, stickers were printed and glued to the bottles. The red cap to hold the liquid was finally added at the end. Knowing that the bottle itself would encompass all what we want to communicate as a brand, all we had to do now was to get them to see it and use it.