Agency: WATConsult


Chess was invented in India in the 6th Century with Queen being the most powerful piece on the board. However today in the 21st century, the real queens i.e. a vast majority of Indian women are not even powerful enough to get access to basic rights of education which makes them being powerless. Infact 20 million girls are denied education in India each year due to the deep rooted misogyny in Indian society.

The core objective was to create an awareness campaign on International Women's Day about the state of women in our country today and raise donations for Nanhi Kali which focuses on educating underprivileged girls.


Chess originated in India in the 6th Century. In the game of chess, the queen is the most powerful piece. But today in Indian society the queens are the least powerful. They are not allowed their basic right to education which leads to them being powerless.

With this insight, we created a new version of online chess wherein the visitor had to unknowingly play with a Powerless Queen that is, a queen that cannot move, against the computer which had a powerful queen. The campaign was launched with a video featuring India's #2 ranked chess player ‘Tania Sachdev’ who challenged people to play the game on the website and try to win it with a Powerless Queen. People when loose were directed to take two actions - they could share their experience on Twitter & Facebook as well as donate to the cause of Nanhi Kali for the education of the girl child.

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