Challenge, context & objectives

"In 2012, the number of tourists in the Canary Islands was the same as in 2001. As was the old-fashioned destination image with the traditional sun and sea campaign."

The Canary Islands sun and sea product was not in any danger of extinction.

But repositioning was urgently required because of the threat of other very competitive sun and sea destinations (lower prices, shorter investment repayment cycles, much lower operational costs than in the Canary Islands...).

In addition, our sun and sea tourism model followed the traditional business pattern with marketing revolving around the figure of the tour operator.

The Canary Islands administrations responsible for tourism centred nearly all of their efforts on generic image campaigns, supporting the tour operator and improving tourist services and infrastructures.

Yet new technologies offered the possibility of a new business model – with no intermediary. And also the opportunity to integrate the entire destination offer and focus on designing experiences for different motivational segments that made our image more interesting (relaxation, nature, golf…). And we could use digital resources to disseminate them in a micro-segmented way.