Campaign details

Agency: Campfire Marketing

The brief was to encourage people to give a donation at Christmas in support of RNIB's Talking Books service.

Talking Books is a free library of around 27,000 recorded titles available to adults and children with sight loss.


Firstly, at the heart of the campaign was a real, 9-year-old girl who had lost her sight, a fact that created huge empathy in the minds of our audience.

Secondly the campaign conveyed that Lily-Grace had suffered an injustice.

This little girl adored stories, but because only 7% of titles are available as Talking Books - each costing up to £2,500 to record - many incredible tales were beyond her reach.

Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy stories, this served to touch the hearts of the audience.

Thirdly, Christmas is a time when books are traditionally given as presents.

So the idea of granting the magic of literature to a child - one who has been blind since birth - was a highly compelling one.