Campaign details

Agency: Arthur London

The challenge was to regain the affection of UK's animal lovers, and to reposition the charity at the heart of animal welfare – by bringing public attention to the RSPCA's work beyond animal cruelty


The RSPCA brand had a problem.

Research showed the general public's negative perceptions of the brand were perpetuated by the charity's longstanding communication focus on its role as "animal welfare law enforcers".

As a result, potential supporters saw the charity as distant, with little personal and emotional relevance.

To bridge the gap the campaign strategy was to create a powerful and emotive shared purpose; to demonstrate the work of the charity's broader team as crucial to fulfilling that purpose; and to celebrate the public's essential role as enabler of that purpose, helping the RSPCA to save animals each and every day.

The work came to life through pure brand TV, social media and digital executions, while two subsequent phases focused on driving response by offering a free "RSPCA Guide to Animal Kindness": a strong value exchange and a mechanic for data capture.