Design consultancy: Elmwood
Advertiser: London Beer Lab

Executive Summary

The popularity of craft beer continues to rise. It's leading the way in sought-after artisan products and its growth shows little sign of slowing.

London Beer Lab, a small Brixton-based brewery, came to us with a big ambition — to achieve real cut through in this hugely competitive boutique market. It was doing well but had bigger things in mind. And, in order to achieve them, it needed a standout identity and a knockout concept that hipsters and high-income home brewers couldn't ignore.

So that's what we gave them. We raised the bar for London Beer Lab. We took its relatively beige identity and gave it serious character. We celebrated the joy of experimentation and put quality front and centre. We took the brand from average to outstanding — which has helped drive distribution and listings, and convert leads into sales. As a result of our strategic design, London Beer Lab has grown its customer base to the point where the brewery has now reached its capacity and is looking to expand.