Parting The Clouds

The identity of Rural India can be likened to a cloud covered mountain, where the climbers have little clue about its altitude. What they know is shrouded in mystery, based on the tales of the mountain dwellers, and information - often misinformation, that is pervasive on Google. The truth of the mountain is only known to the climbers who have reached the its peak of the mountain. They are the achievers and their prize is priceless.

Like the clouds that swirl around a mystical high-altitude mountain, a fog of myth, misinformation and manufactured perceptions also blurs the reality of Rural India. Climbing any high-altitude mountain requires adherence to some basic tenets: a. Respect and worship the mountain, b. Understand and oblige the idiosyncrasies of the mountain, c. Practice rigour, determination and discipline.

Quite like a high-altitude mountain, Rural India is also perceived and viewed from a distance. Most urban residents, and most managers' understanding of Rural India can be summarized by their passionate search for high resolution 'Google Images' of Rural India. People design their own perceptions from borrowed stories and stock images.