Project summary

Branded content is a growing area for advertisers, but measuring its effectiveness against campaign objectives is a lot harder to demonstrate. Off the back of an award-winning piece of research into the emotional impact of branded content, BBC Global News have produced the SOE Toolkit; a cutting edge research product allowing brands to do just that, using a unique combination of facial coding tech, eye-tracking, and psychological techniques. The SOE Toolkit has been built in a way that delivers deep, robust and granular analysis of the emotion impact of branded content creative, demonstrating to the advertiser the correlation with subconscious changes in perception of the brand, the implications for how each creative delivered on the campaign objectives, and where each creative is most effective on the consumer decision funnel.

1. Objective(s)

Advertiser spending on branded content has been on the rise in recent years, however the effectiveness of branded content is a lot harder to track than traditional advertising formats as the impact is a lot more subconscious. To encourage investment in branded content, the BBC set out to create a cost-effective campaign testing tool that could produce meaningful metrics for branded content in the same way that traditional brand trackers do. The tool had to produce sophisticated deep metrics beyond mere claimed behaviour, but do so in a way that could be scalable, configurable for different targeted audiences and markets, and efficient enough to be offered at no cost to the advertiser.

2. Methodology