Objectives and strategy

In the 'Pets' section of the 'Animal Kingdom' category of sahibinden.com, animals were adopted without seeking any profit. To increase the rate of these adoptions and to enable more people to be aware of this category, we planned a communication. In this plan, we carried out a cross-communication between different categories of sahibinden.com and named sahibinden.com as the first place to go to for a warm home for all.

Execution and media

In our 'Real-Estate' category, we added photos of pets to the ads of houses that have the potential to be the ideal home for them. The people, who interested in the house in the ad, were routed directly to the ad of the being adopted pet for once they click on the ad.


We wanted to remind sahibinden.com visitors that the house that they are looking for can be the home of our little friends as well. Thus, we made a small, cute and hairy touch to the house ads on sahibinden.com