Advertiser: Saltwater Brewery
Brand: Saltwater Brewery
Agency: We Believers
Country: United States


  1. Commercial objectives
    1. Increase sales by 50%
    2. Increase company valuation by 25%
  2. Marketing objectives
    1. Maintain Price Premium. No Discounts or Promo.
    2. Gain traction to enter Miami Market
    3. Open the door to statewide distributors and Retail Chains with local and national footprints ie. Whole Foods, Total Wine, Trader Joe's
    4. Increase Distribution Footprint by adding one or two new partners willing to carry product.
  3. Communications objectives
    1. Increase Visibility of Saltwater Brewery Brand outside of Del Ray Florida Market.
    2. Position Saltwater Brewery as a champion for Ocean Conservation.

Creative work