Advertiser: Sandy Hook Promise
Brand: Sandy Hook Promise
Agency: BBDO New York
Country: United States


In 2016, the American public reached a dangerous stalemate in the conversation about gun violence.

The partisan environment, made worse by the presidential election, left voters and politicians divided about whether or not to regulate gun ownership more heavily. This focus on the political issue of gun control, rather than the human issue of behavior linked to gun violence, created a sense that nothing could be done to prevent such a destructive epidemic. In December of 2016, Sandy Hook Promise responded to these feelings of gridlock, helplessness, and polarization in the United States with its film, "Evan."

Commercial objectives

Sandy Hook Promise looked to move viewers, and make them feel as if they themselves could take action to prevent gun violence. As an organization, Sandy Hook Promise offered viewers three courses of action, and hoped to see them drive the following commercial objectives:

  • An increase in "Keep The Promise" pledges: A viewer's pledge promises "to do all I can to protect children from gun violence by encouraging and supporting solutions that create safer, healthier homes, schools, and communities." In addition to making this pledge, these viewers also opt to receive updates about all of Sandy Hook Promise's ongoing initiatives.
  • An increase in the weekly average number of "Promise Leader" signups: Viewers who become Promise Leaders volunteer their time to teach fellow community members at schools, houses of worship, civic centers, etc., about recognizing the warning signs that precede gun violence, and how they can intervene accordingly.
  • An increase in the number of schools/organizations adopting Sandy Hook Promise's "Know the Signs" programs, such as the "Start With Hello" and "Say Something" programs
Marketing objectives