Design consultancy: Interbrand
Advertiser: GSK

Executive Summary

Sensodyne is the market leader in toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The challenge for GSK is that customers switch to more cosmetic brands when sensitivity passes, even though high-abrasive whitening products lead to sensitivity.

In 2013, a new break-through low-abrasive formulation enabled the creation of a dual-action product for sensitivity and whitening – with no compromise. The opportunity was to develop a 'super-premium' brand that could compete as a whitening toothpaste while leveraging Sensodyne's credentials in sensitivity: a brand to which episodic customers would stay loyal. The aim was to increase frequency of usage and margin compared to other Sensodyne products and increase the value of Sensodyne's total sales and market share.

The product was named True White. The minimal design dramatized the whitening proposition. Critically, it ensured that True White would stand apart from other products, establishing a new 'super-premium' tier in the range. The design was elegant with a tactile box and vertical format tube inspired by skincare. Messaging was minimal and emphasis was on the dentist recommendation stamp, unique to the product.