Agency: Cossette


Refill our prospect pipeline and generate at least 2,000 new email opt-ins.

The incredible success of last year's VS campaign (primary fundraising initiative) created a unique challenge coming into 2018. The campaign was so effective at converting prospects into donors that our actual prospect list was now quite thin. A good problem to have (but a problem non-the-less), requiring us to direct some funds and focus to lead generation to refill our potential donor database.


Our target was broad: anyone living in the Greater Toronto Area (the largest city in Canada) with a propensity to become long-time donors. Our existing donor database gave us few insights to mine from beyond more traditional segmentation like gender, geography, recency, frequency and monetary value. An external list purchase was an expensive and likely ineffective way to generate sufficient leads, list fatigue being the key concern, as these lists are often shared with other fundraisers. We needed to shift our approach if we were to acquire new prospects.