Campaign details

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Melbourne

Executive Summary

The Italian Sauces category was falling out of favour in Australia with the emergence of more interesting and exotic cuisines and the commoditization of the existing market. As one of the largest brands in the category, Leggo's had a lot to lose. Through the distinctive character of an Italian-Australian Nonna, Leggo's created a campaign platform that delivered growth at five times the rate of the category and established a clear lead over a previous dominant competitor in Dolmio.

Total Campaign Expenditure

What was the strategic communications challenge?

Italian cuisine was becoming boring

Despite being the second most commonly cooked cuisinei across Australia, Italian had been fighting a losing battle against the rising tide of new, more exciting cuisines like Mexican & Greek that were becoming a more frequent part of Aussies' cooking repertoires. Quantitative research conducted by JWT concluded that Italian food, whilst still popular, had become mainstream (see chart 1), an observation that was supported by declining rates of consumption with Italian Sauce category volumes down -3.5% per capita since 2013ii. Italian had been asleep at the wheel and was at risk of becoming just a boring everyday staple alongside the proverbial "meat and three veg".