Objectives and strategy

Our main object was make mechanics pause their on-going work, spare more time to salesmen and listen to the presentation to understand the basic principles of Mobil 1 oil, how it works and why it is better. And hopefully accept a Welcome Package of Mobil 1 oil to use it in their repair shops at the end of the presentation.

We know that mechanics have high interest and talent in engines. However, they see tens of engines every day. But they never seen a 3-D printed one before.

Our 3-D printed running engine has been effective to grab their attention. Thereafter, our AR app took over the job to show the oil inside the engine and helped salesmen to give all needed information about Mobil 1 oil in an interactive way.

Execution and media

SmARt Engines were designed as durable, light and portable packs and they got delivered to the salesmen.

All field salesmen were trained to use the engine and AR app. Mobil1 team visited thousands of sales points for direct presentations with SmARt Engines.