Objectives and strategy

The objective was to maximize personal loans lent in a profitable way using the Akbank Direkt Mobile App, strengthen the online sales share to the offline channels and increase Akbank's total share in the personal loan competition among the other banks in Turkey.

Generating the exponential function for each product and service, we managed to pinpoint the effective turning point to maximize our personal loan sales while holding the cost per loan sold at the minimum level. This helped us to pinpoint the maximum limit that we could go for cost per conversion.

We were intended to advertise to the customers who not only needed cash immediately but also had the high credit scores who were our primary target for sales. We were well aware of our business imperative behind connecting with diverse financial backgrounds – people who have different credit scores.

Execution and media

We are well aware that every visitor to our app is looking for various banking needs to be fulfilled, and each person is at a different stage of fulfilling that need. Facebook's ability to reach and measure the real people allowed us to measure and optimize our ads throughout our customer's purchasing funnel. Segmenting our customer in the purchasing funnel, we managed to serve the related ad and bidding based on their positioning from the general to the specific.