Agency: Colenso BBDO


New Zealand's biggest telecommunications company, Spark, had partnered up with the world's biggest streaming service, Netflix. With this new partnership, Spark had an offering that no other telco could match, free Netflix with selected broadband packages.

This dramatically increased the value of Spark's broadband, but we also needed to increase the value of the brand itself to reduce churn and retain valuable customers.

The objective was to leverage Spark's new Netflix offer in a way that attracted the attention of Spark's most valuable customers, leading them to re-subscribe to broadband packages Spark offers.

We knew that unlimited broadband customers loved to stream music, movies and TV shows, so our Netflix offer would interest them. With binge-watching as the new norm, viewers of all ages and backgrounds were becoming ‘superfans'. We needed to do something that took that interest and turn it into excitement with an activity only Spark could offer.