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Agency: CHE Proximity

Executive Summary

In the era of customer centricity and ease, the last thing you would expect from an insurance brand would be to make things inconvenient for their customers…

But that's what Swann Insurance did to disrupt the category and deliver profitable market share.

By creating 'Inconvenience Stores' in the middle of nowhere yet at the end of some of Australia's most epic rides, Swann Insurance gave riders a 'reason to ride' and demonstrated to motorcyclists that they understood them and their need to feel free on the open road.

By flipping the notion of convenience in a way our customers understood; Swann Insurance drove a 52.2% increase in revenue within a flat market with a profit ROI of 453%.

Questions 2 to 4: Challenge, Objectives & Strategy (24 Points)

Entries need to build a compelling business case with their answers to these three questions. Objectives should be quantified. Entries will be marked down for not providing measurable goals unless reasons are well argued. Judges will consider the degree of difficulty and budget when allocating marks. Higher marks are deserved by cases with a greater degree of difficulty.

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