Design consultancy: Design Bridge
Advertiser: SCA (Essity)

Executive Summary

Despite the steady growth of the global incontinence market, driven by a quickly aging population, the specific male incontinence category touching 1 in 4 men over 40 years old, remains untapped with low awareness and market penetration of purpose-made products specifically made for men. Although the incontinence market world leader and offering more male specific products than anyone else, SCA was losing shares.

With male grooming booming and the awareness of male bladder weakness so low, SCA briefed us to redefine the positioning and redesign of the TENA Men range to bring the brand back to growth in an increasingly challenging market, and help evolve male incontinence to become more acceptable.

The new design, inspired by the automotive industry and the semiotics of performance and control has surpassed expectations with a growth of 31% – creating a truly masculine product line that serves the normalisation of male bladder weakness with purpose-made male products. As a result market penetration increased with male shoppers.