Agency: Proximity London


When Theresa May called a surprise general election, the media started to forecast a foregone conclusion. Across the UK, a numbed electorate began to switch off. However, The Economist wanted to make sure people made an informed decision about voting. To get them re-engaged, we wanted to step in wherever the conversation was happening, to offer a cutting perspective with the brand's trademark wit (and a free copy of The Economist to help inform their vote).


Our Brand Response campaign had already proven the power of context - The Economist steps in where prospects are grazing to remind them that there is an intelligent and informed alternative. It pulls like a train.

We know that the opportunity skyrockets at key occasions - like the election. These moments in time are important because it's when people are most engaged.

But something disconcerting was happening. The media started to purport a foregone conclusion that gave people no space to think for themselves. People were actually being encouraged to switch off.