Objectives and strategy

The objective was to use Google Adwords Search Engine at best to sell credit cards with the lowest cost of sales per unit, increase our new customer base and strengthen Akbank's total share in the credit card competition among the other banks in Turkey. To sell more credit cards, we launched a new credit card application process in August 2017.

To increase our profitability we only got into bidding for converting keywords with our competitors when we wanted to with the help of our exponential growth statistics of converting keywords.

Connecting Instagram engagements with AdWords audience lists, we knew our prospects real interests. This helped us to our credit card offers with their love brand's offer in our search copywriting. Personalization of the copywriting shaped our creative strategy.

Being one of the first advertisers that started using Data-Driven Attribution Model, we managed to have a multi-touch attribution modeling in campaigns.

Execution and media