Design consultancy: Good
Advertiser: The Govan Community Project

Executive Summary

It's an unfortunate reality that those who can be impacted most by the power of design are exactly those who can't afford it.

In 2015 we began working with a small local charity who offered essential help to the then fast-growing number of conflict refugees and migrants arriving into the South of Glasgow. With little finances available, we dedicated a fixed budget of our team's time to help them help others.

This work transformed the organisation; aesthetically, culturally and financially.

  • Our challenge was to help turnaround the financial fortunes of the charity, enabling them to keep transforming the lives of thousands of some of the most vulnerable and destitute in our society. All, using brand strategy and design.
  • Our strategy, to focus the brand's messaging and the staff's valuable time onto seeking grants from national bodies rather than donation-led fundraising, led directly to a succession of funding wins.
  • Our brand identity, renaming and rearticuiating the organisation's purpose and personality, enabled it to talk clearly and confidently to each of its radically different target audiences.
  • Our smarter approach to day-to-day design enabled a team without any design resource or agency support to continue to create effective on-going communication; cutting the costs of marketing as a proportion of overall spend.