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Agency: OLIVER

Guardian Soulmates is The Guardian's online dating service: It's where people go to meet like-minded people and make meaningful connections.

Now it was time to encourage single Guardian readers to sign up and pay for a more premium dating service.


There's nothing quite like meeting someone like-minded.

Someone who cares about the same things as you, be they global warming, organic eating, or even the commercialisation of Valentine's Day.

That's exactly what Guardian Soulmates is about. But how do you get people to pay for the service?

The campaign amplified Soulmates' self-selecting nature, with humour and fun poked at Guardian-reader clichés. All to show that Soulmates is the perfect place to meet someone who shares the same values.

However, Guardian readers care about worthy issues.

But they're not too worthy, so the creative still spoke to the big issues - from the environmental to the philosophical.