Design consultancy: DECIDE
Advertiser: The Travelling Bee Company

Executive Summary

To bee or not to bee?

Bees are in trouble. Populations have declined by 45% in the UK since 2010 due to farming methods, climate change, and disease. And one third of our food depends on pollination.

In 2012, Mark Chambers turned his passion for bees into a business producing honey. His approach involves transporting colonies of bees to locations around the North East of England and Scotland with the seasons to access flowers and trees. Depending on the flowers, the honey delivers taste and health benefits for consumers.

Originally known as Honeyliscious, the brand was failing to secure listings at premium retailers. It just didn't look special or different. Two years in, the enterprise was not sustainable. A complete overhaul of the branding was needed to exude quality and clearly present the USP: mobile bees.