Agency: The Wall Street Journal – "In House"


The WSJ journey of rebuilding the world's original paywall-transitioning from a content-led paywall model to a customer-led-has been a two-year development. We wanted to create a paywall that met three key objectives: 1. The capacity to deal with 15-20 million prospective members per week. 2. An experience that is dynamic and could flex, depending on a user's likelihood to subscribe-moving away from giving everyone the same experience.

The first iteration in year one was focused on putting in place the capability to open and close the paywall based on advertising capacity needs, while balancing it against days (weeks/months) when we drive our highest subscriber volumes. The second iteration of the paywall we developed over the last 12 months has been focused on creating a far more personalized model that can predict the likelihood of a user to become a paying subscriber. The third iteration was to increase subscription sales without impacting advertising capacity.