You know the John Lewis Christmas campaign, but you might be interested to know the story of the strategic thinking behind it.

(If not, then maybe look away now. You have around 6 minutes of your life back, so use them wisely.)

It's a story about changing how and when John Lewis advertises.

It's a story of a proposition that keeps on giving for creatives.

It's a story of mistakes and learning from them.

It's a story of defining a brand's campaign 'handwriting'.

It's a story of the power of sticking with what's working.

It's a story of keeping the long term strategy the same in a marketing world full of short term tactics.

It's a story of raising the bar even when the strategy doesn't need changing.

It's a story of transformational brand and business results that went far beyond what we could have imagined.

Beyond all of the above, it's a story about the power of giving and sharing.