Campaign details

Brand: Theraflu
Advertiser: GSK
Lead agency: PHD

Effie awards category context

Theraflu Cold and Flu needed to be top-of-mind among sufferers when their flu hit. To do so, our media plan needed to move as fast as the flu. To be as fast as the flu, our whole campaign had to be powered by data.

We monitored real-time social mentions of symptoms and used machine learning to identify where flu was prevalent. We triangulated social, geo and weather data to predict areas most likely to see outbreaks, and programmatically powered our plan to be active where the flu was headed to next.

State of the marketplace and brand's business

Theraflu is known for being the go-to for 'severe' symptoms and is often only turned to when other over the counter treatments are not relieving the symptoms quickly enough. It is the 4th largest player in multi-symptom relief, behind Mucinex, Vicks, and Alka-Seltzer.