Background and context

The Thomson Reuters Foundation, the philanthropic arm of global data firm Thomson Reuters, has a large presence in brand activism. The majority of its efforts focus on the under-reported issue of modern day slavery, an illegal economy which generates an estimated $150 billion in illegal profits annually. There were an estimated 40 million slaves worldwide in 2018—75% of them forced laborers. Reuters’ mission was to shed light on a largely unknown issue and open consumers’ eyes to slavery in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and tech commerce.

Campaign objectives

The main objective was to raise awareness and generate conversation among shoppers about forced labor in the supply chains of their commonly-bought items. To measure success Reuters used the following metrics:

  • Organic views on YouTube and other social media channels, without paid media support.
  • Organic campaign conversation across social media and organic PR coverage.
  • Unique visits to the campaign website and an uplift in visits to the Thomson Reuters Foundation website.

Creative strategy