Background and context

In the past few years, international travel among US consumers has been growing rapidly by 11%, yet travel to Australia has remained stagnant at 1.3%. Tourism Australia knew they needed to develop a campaign that would break the mold of traditional tourism advertising to drive an increase in the number of American tourists visiting each year. An idea struck when thinking back to Crocodile Dundee, a tourism campaign disguised as an 80s film, and the huge success it (unintentionally) brought to the Aussie tourism industry.

Campaign objectives

  • Drive as much – if not more – revenue into the Australian tourism advertising industry as was spent on the campaign.
  • Increase destination desirability at a double-digit point increase.
  • Persuade consumers to book travel in Australia, generating a hopeful 150,000 tourism leads.
  • Drive US consumers’ bookings to Australia in 2018, catalyzing a trajectory to reach $6 billion in overnight spend by 2020.

Creative strategy