Campaign details

Brand: KFC
Lead Agency: Mindshare China
Region: APAC



In 2015, KFC pioneered game-brand collaboration with a one-click delivery button in China's biggest video game League of Legend.

Since 2015, gaming, once niche, became a major passion point for young adults in China. (24% yoy penetration growth among 16-30 y.o. in China. Source: CNRS) Many brands have worked with games for an opportunity to speak to their target audience.

But not all gaming collaboration were received well. Many collaborations were critiqued to be "taking the fun out of the game", ruining the experience of gamers' favorite games.

KFC strikes to be closer to the young generation in China, hence gaming is an important strategy pillar for the fast food giant. But how can KFC not only stand out, and more importantly, be genuine with our approach to gamers?

Target Audience