The goal was to own social media conversations about Miss Universe on Twitter. The following KPIs were set:

  1. Share of Voice - to own conversations about the event, Cream Silk needs to be the brand with the highest share of voice vs. other brands during the campaign duration. This would be extremely challenging as Cream Silk was not an official sponsor of the event, and would need to compete with multiple brands across product categories.
  2. Brand Mentions - the team set a benchmark of 40,000 mentions, as Cream Silk wanted to be the brand that people will engage with most during the campaign.


For years, TV had been Cream Silk's main channel for driving awareness during big TV events. But airing TV commercials at high frequency wouldn't cut it anymore - the brand needed to find creative and innovative ways to engage with Filipinas passionate about the Miss Universe event. Cream Silk recognized that the digital age was also transforming TV viewership. Audiences were no longer only glued to their TV screens, but have turned to social media to drive conversations before, during, and after the program.