Campaign details

Brand: Uniqlo
Lead Agency: Mindshare China
Region: APAC



Chinese New Year is like Christmas.

People go back to their hometowns and prepare gifts for their family. Gifting is an important and special practice in China – showing strong union with elder family members.

Unfortunately for UNIQLO, clothing is not top of mind when it comes to gift-giving in this biggest gifting season in the country.

How then can UNIQLO drive sales during this under-leveraged occasion?

Target Audience

The elder is always the key members for family reunion.

For many younger generation, it is once-in-a-year thing for them to going back home and be with their aging parents.

The gift for the elder need to be practical, and with care and love.

Creative Strategy

Uniqlo thinks, with its heat technology in its sweaters, there should not be a better gift than Uniqlo for young people to bring back home to the elder in winter time.