Project summary

Oath, in collaboration with media agency pilot & Virao, created a virtual smart home in Germany and hosted virtual sessions with 338 consumers to analyze their acceptance of five ad placements in different areas of the smart home. This innovative piece of research showcases new ways that brands can engage with users in an accurate way; down to the millisecond, combining unique focus tracking technology (behavr, founded by pilot and Virao), virtual in-person sessions and a post evaluation survey. 

This was debuted at Dmexco generating four articles amongst leading German trade press including a four page spread in German Research & Results. It has become foundational content for our creative team RYOT Studio, being used in sales collateral across EMEA.

1. Objective(s)

The rise in consumer expectation and array of digital marketing opportunities available has meant brands are still exploring how to reach their full digital marketing potential. We wanted to explore the opportunity VR provides to consumers and brands. Through a consumer immersion into a VR experience we were able to:

  1. Analyse the levels of attention paid to VR ad experiences, 
  2. The extent of the immersion 
  3. Assess how brands can take full advantage of VR for optimal impact.

2. Methodology