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Agency: Team Red: Ogilvy and Wavemaker

How could Vodafone create a connection to a young audience not used to listening? That was the gauntlet thrown down to Ogilvy and Wavemaker, and they tackled the problem by creating something they knew young people would want.


Young Britons are tech-savvy, well-connected and do things differently, with their mobile phone the start button to everything.

With varied interests and opinions, they challenge stereotypes and show little patience for traditional advertising.

So Ogilvy and Wavemaker and their client Vodafone listened to their young audience to provide them with what they wanted.

They created VOXI, a bespoke mobile network for under-25s. The core offering - Endless Social Media Without Eating Data – was conceived from learning how data is drained by social apps.

But a killer proposition isn't enough.

A unique content platform delivered the audience only the content they wanted to see: fresh, distinctive, diverse.