Campaign details

Brand: Vaseline
Brand owner: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Lead agency: Mindshare
Country: India
Industries: Skin care, sun protection
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

The business problem for Vaseline, the market leader in the hand and body lotions category in India, was a huge drop (800 bps) in its spontaneous awareness during the 2016 December quarter. This kind of a drop is often the lead indicator of sales or share drop.

Vaseline was grappling with the question – why did spontaneous awareness drop? And more importantly, how can we ensure it doesn't keep on dropping in the upcoming winter 2017?

The problem was of recurring nature and most brands faced it often. In our bid to find a systemic and sustainable fix to it, we created an artificial intelligence-fuelled solution which could automate and ape human thinking, at the speed of light and with minimum human intervention.