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Agency: CHE Proximity

Executive Summary

Velocity Frequent Flyer (the loyalty program of Virgin Australia) makes money when people transfer reward points over from their bank. Every year, they offer a 15% bonus on points transferred in May or November.

This is the story of how we reframed this bonus as The Billion Point (that was supposed to be The Million Point) Giveaway, blamed the simple typo all on an 'intern's mistake', and then documented the consequences in an online mini-series.

Australian's took full advantage of the blunder too, which saw a +58.4% increase in revenue, on -35.3% less media budget.

Total Campaign Expenditure

What was the strategic communications challenge?

The credit card holy grail.

Some would say, frequent flyer programs are among the most complex businesses around. They make money in a myriad of ways but the 'holy grail' is scooping up a share of the 'everyday spend' that Australians love to whack on their credit cards. ∼7 million (∼45% of all consumer card holders)1 do this with a piece of plastic that earns some sort of reward points.